accredited contractor

Accredited Contractor membership is for contractors whose main business involves hard/soft landscaping or grounds maintenance.

For British Association of Landscape Industries Accredited Contractor membership, the contractor must have been trading for at least two years and meet the requirements set out below.

Six application form requirements:

Ten client references and two trade references Copy of company letterhead Proof of company turnover
Copy of employers liability insurance (if applicable) Copy of public liability insurance Health & safety policy (for companies with over five employees)

Steps to becoming an Accredited Contractor:

  1. Submit the application form and pay the application fee
  2. Internal vetting takes place. The Association will check all documents submitted and referees will be contacted
  3. External vetting takes place. Vetting Officer will visit, checking internal processes and perform site visits
  4. Upon approval of the vetting report, an invoice for membership fees will be issued
  5. Once paid, the Association will activate membership giving member access to a suite of benefits

Key member benefits include:

  • Use of the British Association of Landscape Industries Accredited logo
  • Entry into the Association's National Landscape Awards
  • Access to the Dispute Resolution Service

For Accredited Contractor member benefits and fees, please see attached documents on the right-hand side.

To begin your application process of joining the British Association of Landscape Industries make an enquiry today by clicking the button below and our membership team will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

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