Association Quality Standard

What is Quality?

For the purposes of this standard, “quality” is defined as being able to:

“consistently and systematically deliver what the client can reasonably expect”


The purpose of this standard is to ensure that British Association of Landscape Industries' Accredited members can demonstrate that they have sufficient commitment, systems, skills, resources and controls in place to consistently meet relevant customer, legislative and regulatory requirements in a measured and professional manner.


Our Association is committed to continuous improvement of standards within the landscape industry. This standard has been established to enable organisations wishing to apply for Accredited membership to clearly see the requirements of the association. It is the benchmark for assessors completing the vetting of an applicant organisation and the re-vetting of existing members via the Quality Standard Review (QSR) process.

We recognise that our members and prospective member companies come in many shapes and sizes, and the standard has been designed to allow a business to meet the requirement in a variety of differing ways, appropriate to its needs, it is the job of our skilled vetting officers to understand, not to dictate how you meet the standard.

Whilst the Vetting and QSR processes are in place to monitor quality our members deliver, it is intended to be a very supportive and informative process with many members commenting on the value the vetting officer has provided their business as result of undergoing a vetting or QSR visit.

The British Association of Landscape Industries' Quality Standard is broken into three key areas, follow the links below to reveal the requirements of the standard and explore some example documents that may assist your business in meeting the requirements during your Vetting or QSR visit.