Land-based Industry Skills Scheme (LISS) and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a jointly managed scheme (LISS/CSCS).

The LISS/CSCS SmartCard scheme is where the landscape industry works with CSCS to develop a framework for skills development and progression in the workplace through a structured SmartCard scheme.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ -  The growing concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) are likely to impact CSCS’s ability to issue LISS/CSCS cards to some first-time applicants or those wishing to renew their card prior to expiry. Download the latest statement under documents.

What is LISS/CSCS?

LISS/CSCS is administered by the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI). It is a standalone scheme but is also a requirement of the National Highways Sector Scheme 18 (Land-based). For all full operational SmartCard levels, the minimum requirement is the ROLO Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Course and the CITB Touch Screen Test appropriate to your SmartCard level. Please note for the Modular Paving industry only the CITB Touch Screen Test appropriate to your SmartCard level is required.

How do I obtain a LISS/CSCS SmartCard? 

To find out which SmartCard is most suitable for you to gain access to your working site, visit 'apply for a LISS/CSCS SmartCard'. For more information download a copy of our LISS/CSCS Scheme Booklet on the right.

If you need assistance please submit a LISS/CSCS enquiry and a member of BALI's LISS/CSCS team will respond to you.

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