terms and conditions of events

Making a booking request for an event constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and your agreement to comply with them. Please read these Terms carefully before you complete an event booking request. These terms tell you how event bookings can be changed and cancelled, and other important information. Where you are making a booking on our website, these Terms should be read in conjunction with our website Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Cookies. We reserve the right to amend these Terms from time to time.

  1. Submitting an event booking through our online event booking system does not guarantee you a place at any of our events. We will issue an automated email confirmation of your booking request. Your place at the event is not guaranteed until
    (a) payment of the event fee (if applicable) is received. If your booking takes place within seven days of the event, then the event fee will need to be paid in full at the time of booking.
    (b) you receive an email from us confirming your place is booked. Your booking is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from us. If you do not receive our email confirmation within 24 hours of you submitting your online registration form, then please contact us as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours before the event.

  2. If we cannot accept your booking, we will let you know by email and refund any payment made.

  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide to us during the booking process is complete and accurate.

  4. We reserve the right to give booking preference to those people who meet any attendance criteria for the event. If applicable, these criteria will be on our website on the page for the event.

  5. The Event fee will be shown on our website on the page for the event. Payment of the event fee should be made either by electronic payment on our website at the time of making the booking request, or by invoice by the payment due date detailed on the invoice. If you experience difficulties with making payment, please contact our events team to arrange an alternative method of payment.

  6. Your receipt of our invoice and/or confirmation completes our contract with you. Non-payment of invoices are subject to debt collection activity.

  7. Refunds will only be issued on paid-for events if your cancellation request is made in writing two weeks before the event (including digital events). We cannot issue refunds after this period.

  8. We will use reasonable endeavours to describe event content in the event descriptions on our website accurately, but these are intended only to give an approximate idea of the event.

  9. If there are any special requirements due to a disability, food allergies or for any other reason (a "special requirement"), please email us at the address set out on the events page as soon as possible and, in any event, no less than seven days before the event. Where you inform us of a special requirement less than seven days before the event, you understand it may not be possible to accommodate that special requirement, or its accommodation may result in an additional charge.

  10. Whilst we will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that no offence is caused, we cannot be held responsible for any offence caused by the presenter or any acts or other entertainment at the event.

  11. Attendees are required to make their own arrangements for transport to the event. We are not responsible for any inability to attend owing to failure of transport.

  12. An attendee who arrives late may not be allowed to enter the event.

  13. We reserve the right to cancel, postpone or move the event to another venue or to change any other aspect of the event at our discretion for any reason whatsoever. However, we will notify you promptly if the change relates to a change of venue or material change in timing. For the avoidance of doubt, such a change shall not entitle you to terminate this agreement.

  14. We reserve the right to change the event presenter or any other performers and do not guarantee the attendance of any particular guest.

  15. Where we cancel an event we will refund any fees paid and we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of such cancellation.

  16. If you cancel a booking and there are outstanding payments owed to us you may be liable for payment of the full fee, as appropriate, depending on the date and time of the cancellation.

  17. During an event, we may shoot video footage and take photographs of the event which may include you and/or your guests. You hereby consent (and confirm that you have procured the consent of your guests) to your and/or their inclusion in such video footage and photographs to be used at our discretion.