Introducing the BALI National Contractor's Forum (BALI NCF), a specialist group set up to lobby on important issues and address key challenges within the land-based sector.

The BALI NCF is a specialist group whose constituents will be drawn from sectors of the industry creating a formalised group of influence within the sector; in particular, it will provide the landscape management maintenance and construction sector with a structure through which they communicate across and beyond the industry.

The BALI NCF is made up of over 7 of the UK's largest landscape contractors and grounds maintenance providers whose responsibility it is to support BALI by lobbying important issues and address key challenges within the land-based sector.

The BALI NCF continues to expand its membership and the group readily welcomes larger main landscape contractors and smaller sized landscape contractors who have national aspirations.


The BALI NCF group has been supported by BALI since 2012 and has several significant achievements under its belt, including:

  • Developed and implemented, in partnership with STIHL, national Train-the-Trainer sessions implementing best in class hedge trimmer and strimmer training
  • Has implemented a Health and Safety Forum within the group which has informed on the issues needing to be addressed and set up such interventions to address the risks identified
  • Helped increase 50k limit when towing trailers without a Taco installed in the towing vehicle
  • Helped highlight the risks associated with working on embankments and implemented ways to safely maintain steep slopes
  • Invited to contribute to Chapter 2 of the Low Pay Commission (LPC) Report to Government on the impact of the National Living Wage
  • Facilitated an ‘industry-first’ Green Spaces seminar which clearly demonstrated the commitment of local authority officers and their service delivery partners to work together to find effective solutions to the crisis facing our parks
  • Joined forces with Parks for London to share how innovation and best practice successfully employed by other industries could be harnessed to tackle our own specific challenges
  • Published Guidance Notes surrounding the governance relating to rebated, red-dyed diesel

BALI CNF Chainsaw      Hampton Court


BALI NCF operates on two levels with the primary focus and main drive to be:

Strategic: A voice that can represent the sector at places that matter and have an impact on the training, health & safety and good practice within the industry.

and a secondary focus of...

Operational: The delivery of events, seminars, workshops etc. relevant to the topics and issues of interest to its group members and interested parties.


How do I become a member?

Becoming a BALI NCF member is free and available to any BALI Registered Contractor member. If you would like to join the BALI NCF group please contact BALI's Senior Membership Officer Jo Todd or call +44(0)24 7669 8658.