Introducing the British Association of Landscape Industries’ National Contractor’s Forum


The Association's National Contractor’s Forum (NCF) is a specialist group set up to lobby on important issues and address key challenges within the land-based sector.

Its constituents are drawn from different sectors of the industry, creating a formalised group of influence. It provides the landscape management, maintenance and construction sectors with a structure through which they can communicate across and beyond the industry.

The Forum is made up of seven of the UK’s largest landscape contractors and grounds maintenance providers. Their responsibility is to support the British Association of Landscape Industries through their lobbying efforts.

Become a member

The NCF welcomes new members, whether from larger landscape contractors or smaller contractors with national aspirations.

Becoming an NCF member is free and available to any Accredited Contractor member. If you would like to join the NCF group please contact the Association's Membership team or call +44(0)24 7669 8658.


The National Contractor’s Forum has been operating since 2012 and has achieved several significant triumphs, including:

  • Responding to government consultation on industry use of red diesel and subsequent lobbying for continued use post April 2022
  • Working with stakeholders to investigate future of weed control with a specific focus on glyphosate
  • Working with stakeholders to investigate future of machinery
    • Investigation of Stage V rules
    • Investigation of light commercial vehicle weights
    • Investigation of battery-operated equipment  
  • Working with stakeholders to investigate theft of landscape equipment and BALI members to identify solutions
    • Founded the BALI-NCF health and safety forum, with the aim of
    • Sharing accident and near-miss data to learn more about accidents in the industry
    • Hosted training events which focus on the causes of accidents amongst landscape operatives
    • Worked with affiliate members to develop specific training events for brush cutters and hedge trimmers
    • Developing training material to share with wider landscape industry

BALI CNF Chainsaw      Hampton Court


The NCF operates on two levels with the primary focus and main drive to be:

Strategic: A voice that can represent the sector at places that matter and have an impact on the training, health & safety and good practice within the industry.

and a secondary focus of...

Operational: The delivery of events, seminars, workshops etc. relevant to the topics and issues of interest to its group members and interested parties.