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BALI members awarded accolades at RHS Tatton

17 Jul 2019 | Flower Show

With the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park in full swing, BALI is looking forward to visiting and supporting members who are exhibiting and/or sponsoring some of the gardens this week.

Many Registered Affiliate members have supplied quality soft and hard landscape materials as well as designing award-winning gardens this year, with the gardens that they have been involved with achieving one Gold Medal, two Silver-gilt Medals, and four Silver Medals.  

The themes have centred around gardens providing a welcome distraction from physical health conditions, enjoying decadent leisure and overcoming challenging conditions. 

The first Gold Medal was awarded to BALI Registered Affiliate members London Stone, Deepdale Trees, CED Stone Group, Woodscape and Green-tech who sponsored The Phystosanctuary Garden. As well as winning a Gold Medal, the garden won Best Young Designer award for a garden which is a desirable space awash with ornamental grasses and a palette of fragrant perennials evocative of the Mediterranean. But look beyond its fragile beauty and a darker message is revealed – the growing threat of the deadly plant disease Xylella.

The Phystosanctuary Garden

The Silver-gilt Medal was awarded to Registered members Deepdale Trees and StoneMarket for sponsoring the 1 in 10 Young Designer Garden, which is designed as a sensory distraction for someone suffering from endometriosis. Its task is to provide a comfortable space for the visitor to enjoy on their own while allowing them to connect with nature.

1 in 10

The second Silver-gilt Medal was given to Registered member Marshalls who sponsored the Contemplation Corner Tatton Garden. The courtyard garden is aimed at people wanting to transport themselves away from urban life for a moment of peace and contemplation.

Contemplation Corner

First of the Silver Medals was awarded to Registered member Deepdale Trees for sponsoring the Baroque Garden of the Young Designer Gardens. Inspired by the Tudor and Baroque gardens, the garden features Baroque terracotta urns and a patio of handmade bricks overlooking a formal lily pond. The planting, in contrast to the formal layout of the garden, is wild and diaphanous with delicate white flowers.

Baroque Garden

The second of the Silver Medals were awarded to Registered members Deepdale Trees, CED Stone Group and LandscapePlus for the Young Designer Garden Caledonian Coastal. A contemporary space inspired by the beauty of the Scottish coastline. The Caledonian Coastal Garden features a successional planting scheme comprising species that naturally occur in coastal landscapes.

Caledonian Coastal

The third Silver Medal was awarded to BALI Training Provider member Reaseheath College for designing the Back to Back Garden Cyber Crime. Aiming to raise awareness of the five simple steps that can be taken to help stay safe online, this garden’s design draws attention to the ‘five Cs’ – create, cover, confidentiality, click and connect. This method is used to combat cybercrime and the five Cs are represented throughout the garden and engraved on bespoke Corten steel structures.

Cyber Crime

The final Silver Medal was awarded to BALI Registered Affiliate member Marshalls for sponsoring the Let's Go Fly A Kite! Back to Back Garden. Also winning the Best Construction Award, the garden celebrates the Children Today Charitable Trust’s 25th anniversary. The charity raises funds to provide specialist equipment for children with disabilities.

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

Two of our Registered Affiliate members will also be exhibiting at the five-day event including Honda (UK) who manufacture over 100 million power products worldwide and Gabriel Ash who is the leading designer and manufacturer of timber Greenhouses and Glasshouses in Great Britain. 

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