2.01 - human resources, competence, training and awareness

The Standard

2.01 - Human Resources, Competence, Training and Awareness

The organisation shall ensure that its personnel are competent to deliver the organisations products and services on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience.

The organisation shall:

  • Determine the necessary competence for its personnel performing work that affects, product or service delivery.
  • Where applicable, provide training and development for its personnel to achieve the necessary competence.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training and development undertaken.
  • Maintain appropriate records of education, training skills and experience.

Guidance Notes

As the possible evidence suggests there are many ways to demonstrate, deliver and record competence, not to be confused with qualifications.

The important thing here is the quality of work and skills being displayed on site, coupled with conversations about what they are doing and how they plan to achieve it etc.

It may well be that training records are not held on site but names should cross reference with records once back in the office. 

Possible Sources of Evidence

A whole range of documents may demonstrate compliance to this aspect of the standard for example, diary notes, staff appraisals, skills matrices, training records, Personal Development Plans, company training plans, receipts for training courses, certificates etc.