product and service delivery

3.01 - Planning

The business shall identify the processes required to provide product or service delivery consistent with the customer, legislative and regulatory requirements. In planning product and/or service delivery, the organisation shall determine

  • The requirements of the project, product or service.
  • The processes, documents and resources specific to the project, product or service.
  • The success criteria and the appropriate records to allow validation, monitoring, inspection and testing specific to the project, product or service specification/requirements.

3.02 - Customer Related Processes

The organisation shall determine

  • Requirements specified by the customer, including arrangements for delivery and post-delivery activities.
  • Any other project requirements not stated by the customer but necessary for the specified or intended use/purpose, where known.
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the product
  • Any additional requirements considered necessary by the organisation

3.03 - Design Control

The organisation shall plan and implement suitable arrangements to ensure that the design process clearly identifies

  • Design stages
  • Responsibilities and authorities
  • Approval process
  • Review process

Minimum considerations throughout the design process should include

  • Form and function
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements 

Suitable controls should also be in place to ensure revisions and alterations to design are recorded and that any changes are evaluated against the above criteria

3.04 – Purchasing

The organisation shall ensure that a purchased product or service conforms to the specified requirements. The type and extent of control applied to the supplier/sub-contractor and the resulting product/service shall be dependent upon the effect of the product/service on the final product/service itself. Purchasing information shall describe the product or service to be purchased, including, where appropriate

  • Requirements for approving products, procedures and equipment, and
  • Requirement for qualifications and experience of personnel to be engaged on the works.

3.05 – Control of Product and Service Provision

The organisation shall plan and carry out product and service provision under controlled conditions. This will be evidenced by

  • The availability of the information that describes the characteristics of the product or service
  • The availability of work instructions, as necessary
  • The use of suitable equipment
  • The availability and use of monitoring and measuring equipment
  • The implementation of monitoring and measuring

3.06 – Customer Property and Preservation of Works

  • The organisation shall exercise care with customer property while it is under the organisation’s control or being used by the organisation. The organisation shall identify, verify, protect and safeguard customer property provided for use or incorporation into the product.
  • The organisation shall preserve the product during the course of works and delivery to the intended destination in order to ensure that it still conforms to the specified requirement. As applicable preservation shall include but not be restricted to identification, handling, packaging, storage and protection. Preservation shall also apply to constituent parts of a product.

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