3.06 - customer property and preservation of works

The Standard

3.06 – Customer Property and Preservation of Works

  • The organisation shall exercise care with customer property while it is under the organisation’s control or being used by the organisation. The organisation shall identify, verify, protect and safeguard customer property provided for use or incorporation into the product.
  • The organisation shall preserve the product during the course of works and delivery to the intended destination in order to ensure that it still conforms to the specified requirement. As applicable preservation shall include but not be restricted to identification, handling, packaging, storage and protection. Preservation shall also apply to constituent parts of a product.

Guidance Notes

This section is about clearly defining how customer property will be protected, temporarily removed and replaced etc. for example, an existing sculpture that is to form the centre piece of the new design, who will move it, where to and who is responsible for damage?

Other things to consider are protecting existing surfaces such as the drive way or access routes across soft ground etc. The solution can often be as simple as a line of text in the quotation but can also be included in contract documents etc.

Possible Sources of Evidence

Suitable correspondence which could take many forms would be appropriate to evidence this element. 

Evidence for this element may vary considerably depending on the volume and type of any items requiring preservation.

Remember products or assets requiring protection could be fixed (e.g. trees or buildings) as well as items you may have in stock or have delivered to your premises and are stored and transported to site later.