domestic landscape contracts & documents

The British Association of Landscape Industries has developed 3 template contracts for use by designers and contractors on domestic landscape construction projects. These simple to use, editable documents ensure both parties are aware of the terms and conditions associated with the project.   

Association members can download the contracts from the 'documents' section of this page below.  The contracts available are:

  • Design only
  • Build only
  • Design and build 

Project variation template

Members are also encouraged to download and use a project variation template, available from the documents section of this page, below. This template is used to record the detail of all variations instigated by the client, together with the effect on the cost and schedule of the project.  All variations should be accepted by the client and designer/contractor before proceeding. 



  1. Record of Consent 12 Mar 2019 16kb DOCX
  2. Domestic Contract: Build only 17 May 2023 97kb DOCX
  3. Domestic Contracts: Design only 17 May 2023 86kb DOCX
  4. Domestic Contracts: Design and Build 17 May 2023 98kb DOCX
  5. Project variation template 18 May 2023 593kb DOCX