3.05 - control of product and service provision

The Standard

3.05 – Control of Product and Service Provision

The organisation shall plan and carry out product and service provision under controlled conditions. This will be evidenced by

  • The availability of the information that describes the characteristics of the product or service.
  • The availability of work instructions, as necessary.
  • The use of suitable equipment.
  • the availability and use of monitoring and measuring equipment, and
  • The implementation of monitoring and measuring.

Guidance Notes

This is mainly about the “live” site visit, how do the site team know what to do?

Do they have a job file, work instructions, drawings, a copy of material orders to cross reference?

Do they have the skills, knowledge, equipment and support to do the job and is it working?

Are they doing a good job and how do they know, what it’s being measured or judged against, spec., drawings, quotation etc.?

Possible Sources of Evidence

Evidence may include correspondence with the client representative, quotations, drawings, contracts, job files, plant and equipment maintenance records, invoices, calibration certificates, training records, certificates of competence, site inspection forms etc.