1.04 - planning

The Standard

1.04 - Planning

  • Senior management shall ensure that there is a clearly defined plan for the business and that this plan is communicated throughout the organisation and reviewed at appropriate intervals.

Guidance Notes

  • It’s important for staff to understand where the company is trying to get to, in order for them to contribute effectively rather than swim alone in the opposite direction.
  • In larger organisations we are looking to see that plans are set and effectively communicated, the bigger the company the more robust the plans and the methods of communication are expected to be.
  • Questioning may be used to validate the effectiveness of the communications.

Possible Sources of Evidence

In the smallest organisations this may be verbally communicated and verified through staff interview, but as businesses get larger expectation will rise and a basic documented plan is likely to be required.

Evidence of the communication and review throughout a larger company may include training records, minutes of meetings, handbooks, posters etc.