1.01 - management commitment

The Standard

1.01 - Management Commitment

Senior management shall demonstrate a clear commitment to quality performance by

  • Communicating to all elements of the organisation and clients the importance of identifying and meeting customer, legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring performance against identified requirements
  • Rectifying deviations from these requirements in a prompt and professional manner

Guidance Notes

Here we are looking for evidence that supports the company’s commitment to delivering quality

Have they clearly defined what quality means to them?

How do they communicate the importance of quality to their team

Do they formalise agreements with customers, suppliers and sub-contractors in order for them to support their aims and expectations

Do they employ fair and reasonable Terms & Conditions

The point is, how do top management make it clear to staff and maybe customers too that quality matters?

Possible Sources of Evidence

In small organisations it may be sufficient to demonstrate awareness of the British Association of Landscape Industries' “Code of Conduct” and the very fact that they have applied for “Registered Membership” and have therefore agreed to adopt the Code demonstrates adequate commitment. In larger companies it may be considered that to satisfy this element a written policy should be in place and available to all staff by way of a “Handbook”, a formalised induction process and/or specific training records.