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Update to Defra's internet-based PEACH system

03 Jun 2021 | Technical News

Since January 2021, pre-notification is required for movement of plants and plant material into the UK from the EU.  This pre-notification is undertaken via an internet-based Defra tool called  'Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates' (PEACH).  It is necessary to register before using PEACH; see link at bottom of article for more details on how to register.    

From 1 June 2021 all PEACH applications for a category of plants and plant products defined as ‘high priority’ will need to include a Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR) number.  The scope of ‘high priority’ plants and plant products is broad, and includes all plants for planting, except for seeds.   

Where a single consignment has more than one PEACH entry the same DUCR number should be used on each associated PEACH entry. 

As importers of high-priority plants and plant products from the EU will be charged fees from 1st June 2021, it is important multiple PEACH entries for a single consignment are linked to ensure charges can be raised correctly.

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