2.02 - infrastructure

The Standard

2.02 - Infrastructure

The organisation shall determine, provide and maintain an infrastructure to enable conformity of product and service delivery; such infrastructure may include but not be restricted to:

  • Buildings, office, workspace and associated utilities.
  • Process equipment (such as site, yard and office plant and equipment including any appropriate software).
  • Supporting services (such as transport, communication and information systems)

Guidance Notes

Here we are looking for suitable resources to run the business being assessed, a small business can comfortably operate from the kitchen table or spare room, whilst a larger company may need larger facilities.

Todays technology can limit the paper storage requirements as well as enabling staff to work remotely, so space at a single location can now be less important. 

This section includes aspects such as equipment and vehicles including the maintenance records, COSHH records and hazardous product storage, insurances, website and use of BALI logo etc.   

Possible Sources of Evidence

The resources available should be appropriate to the size and nature of the business and the work being undertaken.

For example, a small company with just 2-3 people may have all they need in one van and a home office, larger businesses will be able to demonstrate storage and yard facilities, more vehicles and possibly dedicated offices.

N.B. This will largely be determined by the effectiveness of the processes employed by the business rather than the totting up of resources that may be considered necessary.