1.02 - customer focus

The Standard

1.02 - Customer Focus

Senior management shall ensure that customer requirements are determined and met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.  The organisation should determine and implement effective arrangements for communicating with customers in relation to:

  • Customer feedback, including customer complaints
  • Product/service information.
  • Enquiries, contracts or order handling, including amendments, valuations.

Guidance Notes

In this section we are looking to see that the level of and detail in the communications with the client is sufficient and appropriate for the type and style of the work being carried out, before during and after the works.

Can the client make an informed decision?

Is there a process to agree variations?

How are complaints handled?

What is the approach to customer service?

Do they seek, monitor and act upon customer feedback effectively?

Possible Sources of Evidence

In smaller organisations or for smaller jobs/contracts this may be as simple as diary notes transferred into a clearly worded quotation, detailing the requirements.

As organisations and/or contracts become larger and more diverse more structured methods would be expected, these may include Client Briefings, plans, Specifications, Bills of Quantity, Priced Schedules, VO’s, Contract Documents and client surveys.