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Members top of their class at SGD Awards 2020

05 Feb 2020 | Industry Awards

Several BALI Registered Designer members have achieved top marks at the recently held Society of Garden Designers' Awards on Friday 31 January 2020, with BALI Registered Affiliate members sponsoring numerous categories. The impressive schemes were awarded in front of an audience of over 400 guests. BALI's Chief Executive Wayne Grills was in attendance to support BALI members and the evening's winners, including, but not limited to, Registered Designers Stuart Craine MBALI MSGD, Sue Townsend MBALI MSGD and Andy Sturgeon MBALI FSGD.

The full list of BALI Registered Designers who took home Awards is as follows:

Planting Design

The garden demonstrated an excellent understanding between plants for a simple design and made good use of the space and plants which blossom all year round.

Big Ideas, Small Budget

Sue Townsend SGD Awards 2020
Judges described the garden as thoughtful use of local materials for the garden reflecting the local environment on the dry, sandy Suffolk coast.

Paper Landscapes

Gavin McWilliam SGD Awards 2020
The garden is presented as an extremely competent and beautifully presented large landscape scheme using Eastern influence.

Healing, Learning Or Community Garden

Bowles and Wyer NHS 70
The Addenbrookes Hospital NHS 70 Garden project not only won an SGD Award for the category Healing, Learning Or Community Garden, but also won a BALI National Landscape Award in December 2019 for providing a calm, embracing feel and enclosed atmosphere for patients, visitors and staff.

Beth Chatto Garden

Sue Townsend SGD Awards 2020 Beth Chatto
The judges of the project Samphire considered this garden perfectly reflects its coastal location and is certainly a garden that would have met with Beth’s approval, a worthy winner of the inaugural Beth Chatto Award.

Student Design - Domestic

  • Sponsor: British Sugar TOPSOIL
  • Winner: Tabitha Rigden
  • Project: Contemporary Woodland Edge Garden
  • College: London College of Garden Design
    Contemporary Woodland Edge Garden
    A bold, purposeful design demonstrating a thorough understanding of the site and a particular lightness of touch. Comprehensively presented with persuasive and atmospheric images that perfectly capture the design intention.

Student Design - Domestic

Chilterns Family Garden
An elegant, restrained and understated design showing extremely competent design skills. An excellent example of an achievable design supported with highly evocative and atmospheric visuals.

Student Design - Commercial

Sponsor: British Sugar TOPSOIL
Winner: Luke Arend
Project: Getting Out
College: London College of Garden Design

Getting Out
The judges of the category described the design hangs together as a cohesive piece of landscape as well as being realistic to implement.

International Garden

Sponsor: Landform Consultants
Winner: Andy Sturgeon FSGD MBALI
Project: Snowberry Hill, Bermuda

Snowberry Hill, Bermuda
Contemporary design at its finest. Demonstrating meticulous finesse and attention to detail, stunning stonework and fabulous plant selection in its associations to form, architecture and year-round interest. A fantastic relationship between the quarry and garden demonstrating an extremely well-considered approach to design on a difficult site and in a challenging environment.

BALI Registered members who sponsored the categories can be found below; 

  • Hardscape
  • Sponsor: Talasey Group
  • Project: Ribbon Wheel Garden

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