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Contract templates available to members

05 May 2024 | Technical News

During May 2023 the Association launched 3 new contract templates, intended for use by registered designers and contractors as part of a suite of project documents issued to domestic clients. 

The following variants are available from the members area of the website:

  • Design only
  • Build only
  • Design and build

The contracts

Whilst writing the new contracts the Association was mindful of the need to provide client, contractor and designer with a document that notifies all parties of their responsibilities in relation to the entire project process, regardless of whether this is design-only, build only or combined design and build. 

Based on feedback from members and their clients during disputes, the Association is aware that many domestic clients are unfamiliar with the mechanics of a large value home improvement projects and require guidance through the process.  Similarly, the Association, through their work in disputes, is aware of scenarios which lead to disputes.  These scenarios frequently concern project management and decisions associated with project variations, and result from poor communication.  When designing the contracts, the Association was mindful of the need to avoid ambiguity as much as possible. 

The resulting contracts have been laid out to resemble a manual or FAQ document, which can be used as a reference for both parties.  

Whilst the Association has made every attempt to keep the number of pages for each contract to a minimum, they were also mindful of including sufficient detail to afford the member and their client clarity in the working relationship and protection from misunderstanding.

Benefit from your professionalism

Association members have proved to vetting officers their knowledge, skills and experience are worthy of the BALI accreditation, and it is these attributes that prospective clients seek. 

Use of a contract is one way of demonstrating this professionalism which, together with associated project documents, will ensure the best chance of a mutually beneficial working relationship. 

All three contracts are available free of charge to all accredited designer and contractor members. To download a copy, visit the members section of the BALI website.

Click here to access the documents 

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