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Association launches two free mental health webinars

20 Jan 2022 | BALI News

Following the successful launch of the Mental Health First Aid courses last year, the Association is delighted to offer two additional mental health webinars, free to members.

As part of our continued commitment to the often-overlooked importance of mental health support in the landscaping and horticulture sectors, the webinars will be offered complimentary to members and in bitesize sessions to make them as accessible as possible. Partnering with Bianca Jones from EDP Training, a qualified MHFA England Instructor and a member of the MHFA cooperate and communities’ team, the two bespoke webinars are ‘Stress Management’ and ‘Mental Health Awareness’.

Two new mental health webinars

The Stress Management webinar taking place on 10 February 2022 will explore easy and effective ways to help manage stress by spotting your warning signs and understanding how you can help yourself. Understand stress and what stressors are, implement coping strategies both for you and your team and delve into the importance of recharging your batteries.

The Mental Health Awareness webinar taking place on 7 April 2022 will aid in increasing your awareness around mental health prevalence and causes. Learn the signs and symptoms of the common diagnosis such as depression and anxiety and increase your confidence in starting and having conversations about mental health in the workplace with colleagues.

The importance of supporting mental health

With the growing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, mental health support has never been more important. One in four people experience poor mental health every year, with men between 40-49 years old at the biggest risk of experiencing a mental health crisis – demographics enormously represented in our sector.

One in six workers will experience depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress over the course of their lifetimes. With mental health problems costing businesses £1,300 per employee every year, there are key business incentives to improve pastoral care. By coming together, we can support each other – both in our industry and beyond.

British Association of Landscape Industries Chief Executive Wayne Grills commented:

“By taking a stance on supporting members within our industry with their mental health, we are demonstrating the importance to speak out and support our colleagues to safeguard them with invaluable training, skills and knowledge.”

View and book the webinars.

Find out more and book Mental Health First Aid courses.

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