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Allium Gardeners transforms garden in Suffolk

15 Apr 2024 | BALI Member News

Accredited Contractor, Allium Gardeners transform home in Suffolk. Led by Director, Paul Foster, the team embarked on a journey to create a haven that seamlessly blends with nature while fulfilling the desires of the clients.

Paul's approach began with a comprehensive consultation, during which he meticulously noted the clients' preferences and aspirations for their outdoor space. Armed with this insight, he crafted a rough plan that would bring their garden dreams to life.

The front garden was envisioned as a sanctuary of resilience, featuring a drought-tolerant gravel garden framed by a majestic beech hedge and multi-stem birch trees. This harmonious blend not only adds aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the garden's ecological balance.

The rear garden was designed with wildlife in mind. Paul aimed to attract a diverse array of biodiversity, including pollinators and insects, by creating a wildlife-friendly environment. A native hedge, strategically planted along the stock fence, invites wildlife to flourish against the backdrop of Suffolk's captivating countryside.

A focal point of the garden is the woodland surrounding an outdoor office, soon to be installed by another contractor. Here, multi-stem birch trees and ferns evoke a sense of serenity, providing an immersive woodland experience for the occupants.

Allium added a raised kitchen garden crafted from oak sleepers and planted with herbs, offering the client a place to grow vegetables. A wildlife pond is central to the garden's ecosystem, meticulously designed to attract diverse pond life and enhance biodiversity. Once a barren space, the pond now serves as a vital habitat for various species.

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To evoke a naturalistic ambience throughout the garden, large swathes of grasses and perennials were strategically planted in clusters, creating visually striking landscapes that resonate with the rhythms of nature. Old stumps and branches were repurposed to create pathways and habitats for beetles, spiders, bees, and insects,  contribute to the gardens ecological integrity.

The collaboration between Allium Gardeners and Accredited Supplier, Harrowden Turf for the use of cottage garden matting framed the pond, added a touch of charm while promoting native flora.

A diverse selection of trees and plants, sourced from Howard's Perennials and Accredited Supplier, Joseph Rochfords Nurseries, further enriches the garden's tapestry, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic landscape.

Reflecting on the project, Paul Foster said:

"I love giving back to nature; it means the world to me."

Paul expressed his excitement for the future and is looking forward to working on many more projects. 

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