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Rooted in Success: Merrist Wood College‘s landscape apprentice, Fin Keele-Goorich

08 Feb 2024 | BALI Member News

Meet Fin Keele-Goorich, a rising talent in the landscape industry, currently shaping his career through a Landscape Operative Apprenticeship at Taming Mother Nature. His journey began with a summer labouring experience, where he found joy in the field and decided to enhance his skills.

Working with Taming Mother Nature, a company with over 20 employees and a diverse range of projects, Fin's apprenticeship is more than just a job- it's a hands-on learning experience with his responsibilities covering various aspects of landscaping for high-end clients.

Choosing an apprenticeship over a more traditional route, Fin values the balance between work and education. Fin says:

"I didn't like full-time education; sitting in a classroom inside every day wasn't for me as I prefer to be outside every day."

Fin spends four days a week on the job, showcasing his commitment to the industry's practical aspects, while dedicating one day to Merrist Wood College and University Centre, where he sharpens his theoretical understanding.

Despite the challenges, such as the occasional long, cold winter day, Fin embraces the learning curve. His most significant achievement to date? Building a concrete hollow wall is a testament to his dedication and growth within the field.

As Fin navigates the landscape industry, he encourages future generations to explore apprenticeships. He emphasises the industry's unique, hands-on nature, providing invaluable transferable skills for those seeking a dynamic alternative to traditional education.

Fin’s journey serves as an inspiring example of how apprenticeships at educational establishments like Merrist Wood College and University Centre can cultivate skills, passion, and a thriving career in the landscape industry.

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