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Plant biosecurity consultation launched by Defra

27 Sep 2021 | Technical News

Plant health and biosecurity continues to be a concern for the landscape industry. Whilst devolved administrations continue to work with a range of stakeholders on issues relating to biosecurity and plant health, rules implemented must strike a delicate balance between protecting the environment from pests and disease, but also allowing growers, suppliers, and users of plant material sufficient freedom to run their businesses.

As the tally of pests and disease in the United Kingdom grows each year, few can deny change is required in the future to reduce this risk and protect the industry and environment.   

What this change should look like is likely to be debated, so the government have opened a consultation to help them engage with people who have an interest in, and responsibility towards, plant health. Responses will help inform the new GB Plant Biosecurity Strategy due to be published in 2022. 

While Association members are welcome to respond individually, our Association will coordinate a response with members in the next few weeks and would welcome feedback. Please contact Technical Officer Owen Baker regarding this. 

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