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New year, new truck, new manoeuvrability

08 Jul 2024 | BALI Member News

Urban transportation just got a major upgrade with the unveiling of Accredited Supplier Harrowden Turf’s latest articulated combination.

Specifically designed to navigate the challenges of urban environments, the Moffett-mounted Fruehauf Rear Steer is unique in the sector and sets a new standard for efficiency, manoeuvrability, and versatility in urban logistics.

With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing demand for timely deliveries in densely populated areas, there has been a pressing need for a truck that can navigate narrow streets and congested traffic while still offering ample cargo space and broad capability. The Fruehauf Rear Steer addresses these challenges head-on.

Rear Steer Technology:

This innovative system allows the truck to navigate tight corners and narrow streets with ease, making it ideal for urban environments where space is limited. With the ability to manoeuvre in ways that traditional trucks cannot, the Rear Steer can access areas that were previously off-limits, reducing delivery times and improving overall efficiency.

Cargo Capacity:

Despite its compact size, the Rear Steer boasts an impressive cargo capacity, with the capability to handle up to 16 pallets. This generous cargo space allows for more deliveries per trip, maximizing efficiency and reducing the number of vehicles needed on the road.

Crane Compatibility:

In addition to its rear steer technology and ample cargo space, the Rear Steer is also crane compatible, further enhancing its versatility and utility. This feature enables easy loading and unloading of heavy or oversized items, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of urban logistics applications.

Richard Boyson, Group Transport Manager:

"The application of Moffett-mounting and rear steer capability make this combination unique in the sector. With its innovative design and advanced features, the Rear Steer will make a significant difference to our ability to deliver into urban areas, improving efficiency, reducing congestion, and ultimately adding value for our city-based customers".

In addition to its practical advantages, the Rear Steer is also designed with sustainability in mind. By optimizing delivery routes and reducing the number of vehicles on the road, it can help reduce carbon emissions and the environmental impact of urban logistics operations.

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