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Low Pay Commission 2021 Consultation

14 Apr 2021 | Technical News

The Low Pay Commission’s written consultation was launched during March 2021 and has called for interested parties to submit evidence to inform recommendations made to government in October 2021, on the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates which will apply from April 2022. 

The Commission is seeking evidence from employers, workers, representatives, experts and the public, in sectors that either account for a lot of minimum wage workers or where a proportion of workers are on the minimum wage. 

  • The commission are particularly interested in evidence on the following topics:
  • The impacts of the pandemic on employers and workers in low-paying sectors, and the prospects for recovery
  • The affordability and effects of an increase in April 2022 to an NLW rate within the on-course range of £9.42 plus or minus 7 pence
  • Views on the LPC’s remit to 2024, involving the target of two-thirds of median earnings and lowering the NLW age threshold to 21
  • The impact of increases in the NLW since its introduction, including the April 2021 uprating on workers, employers, the labour market and the economy
  • The impact on 23 and 24 year olds of this April’s lowering of the NLW age threshold to 23; and the impact on 21 and 22 year olds of the eventual lowering to 21.

Following liaison with members, our Association will respond to the consultation.

The closing date for submissions is 8th June 2021. 

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