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Kate Gould MBALI wins Gold at Singapore Garden Festival

29 Aug 2018 | BALI Member News

BALI Registered Designer, Kate Gould MBALI, along with her two project managers, Keith Chapman MBE and Colin Evans travelled to Singapore on the 8 July 2018 to begin building a show garden for the ‘Landscape Garden’ category at the bi-annual Singapore Garden Festival. Kate teamed up with implementing partner ISS Hydroculture based in Singapore to bring her design to reality with hard and soft landscaping. Work began on the 10 July and judging took place on the 20 July.

The Design

This courtyard space is intended for the use of a community, living in surrounding apartment blocks. The residents have no access to their own private gardens but can garden here in small numbers communally or on their own. Showcasing relatively small raised beds in different heights as well as hanging planters allows each area to be gardened individually as and when time permits. Separate seating and lounging areas provide the residents with relaxing spaces. One area, over a calm pool is covered by a lightweight pergola which shields people using the garden from windows and balconies above, offering both privacy and shade.

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