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ATM provide valuable work experience to Henshaw's College

06 Feb 2024 | BALI Member News

In a demonstration of unwavering commitment to inclusivity, Accredited Contractor, ATM is proud to announce its partnership with Henshaws College, a local specialised institution dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of dreams and surpassing expectations. The collaboration has seen the integration of Lewis, an exceptional student, into a work experience opportunity at ATM's Head Office.

Henshaws College, renowned for its comprehensive support for individuals with diverse disabilities, stands out as an educational institution that goes above and beyond to empower its students. Nurturing an inclusive environment, the college inspires students to pursue their passions and develop skills crucial for success in their chosen fields.

As part of ATM's work experience program, Lewis emerged as a standout participant. His passion for hands-on projects and infectious enthusiasm were a source of inspiration. Engaging in the renovation of the ATM's outdoor space, Lewis brought a fresh perspective and unique flair to the project. ATM facilitated a space for Lewis to take ownership of the project, encouraging him to infuse it with his personal touch, fostering an environment where his talents could truly shine.

The collaboration proved to be mutually beneficial. Lewis not only contributed his skills and creativity but also gained valuable insights into the professional world. The work experience opportunity enabled him to enhance his problem-solving abilities, teamwork skills, and project management capabilities. Lewis's time at ATM became a platform for self-discovery, boosting his confidence and self-belief.

For businesses interested in providing similar opportunities to the talented students of Henshaws College, ATM extends an invitation to reach out. The company is eager to share its experiences and provide details on how other organisations can make a positive impact on the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

The partnership between ATM and Henshaws College marks a significant stride toward a more inclusive society, where individuals of all abilities are afforded equal opportunities to thrive. By offering Lewis a platform to showcase his skills and unique perspective, ATM not only contributed to his personal growth but also recognised the immeasurable value he brings to the workforce.

ATM aims to inspire other businesses to embrace inclusivity, advocating for transformative work experiences for individuals with disabilities. The hope is that this collaboration will encourage the broader business community to contribute to a society that celebrates and empowers everyone.

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