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Asian Hornet Week Announced

04 Aug 2022 | Technical News

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has announced its fourth Asian Hornet Week this year from 5th to 11th September 2022. This year the BBKA are encouraging everyone to download a free mobile application and use it to report suspected cases.

So far this year the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has recorded just one sighting in Felixstowe, Suffolk, but this number is expected to increase due to the hot weather experienced.  Autumn is typically when the nest of the Asian Hornet is revealed following leaf fall from trees or bushes.

While the Asian hornet poses no greater risk to human health than other wasps or hornets, they can cause significant damage to honeybee colonies and other beneficial insects.

Association members are encouraged to look out for any Asian hornets and if you think you’ve spotted one, report your sighting through the Asian hornet app or online.

It is important to take care not to approach or disturb a nest; Asian hornets are not generally aggressive towards people but an exception to this is when they perceive a threat to their nest.

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