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ABAX awarded three ISO certifications for 10 years in a row

21 Jun 2022 | BALI Member News

ABAX has been approved to continue using our three different ISO certifications by NEMKO including 9001 Quality Management, 14001 Environmental Management, and 27001 Information Security Management. 
By meeting the extensive criteria of these standards, ABAX proves its commitment to protecting sensitive information, engaging in the environment, and consistently delivering quality outcomes for customers and employees. 

Titta Bjerck, Quality Compliance Manager at ABAX comments:

"We deal with our clients’ and candidates’ most sensitive information and we need to verify that our processes are the best in class."

Tedious work

By implementing and following the necessary steps to comply with these standards, organisations can identify, control, and eliminate security risks, and certify the security practices adopted within their organisation.

Titta Bjerck continues:

"We are never done with working with ISO – there’s always room for improvement! Each year the ISO audits provide us with opportunities for improvement, and we really value the collaboration with NEMKO."

The subsidiary companies, RAM and Automile are also certified

ISO certification is old news for ABAX, which has been awarded the standards for more than 10 years, but new this year is that the two subsidiary companies, RAM and Automile also are certified in all three ISO certifications (9001 Quality Management, 14001 Environmental Management, and 27001 Information Security Management). 

Nemko praises ABAX for their internal knowledge

The level of employee knowledge of processes and implementation in both RAM and Automile got praised by the auditors in NEMKO.

Quota from the report:

"The auditors would like to mention how well the management system seems to be implemented in both Automile in Sweden and RAM Mobile Data – Belgium. Both departments also showed good knowledge and effective use of processes."

Each Certification fits the ABAX mindset

ABAX environmental work includes a mindset for producing sustainable services that enable their customers to become more sustainable.

The ISO requirements ensure continuous work on quality and data protection. Information security standards give us important tools for controlling data protection work and routines. The basic requirements of the standard cover e.g. minimizing data, updating systems, backing up, secrecy, and restricting access to data, all of which are part of the day-to-day privacy management in ABAX.

Titta Bjerck, Quality Compliance Manager at ABAX celebrates:

"We are proud of the fact that ABAX has been certified for these three standards for 10 years in a row! How many of our competitors can say the same?"

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