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Electronic card checks are the most secure way to check if a card is valid. Did you know there are a number of ways to check a card electronically?

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Modular Paving Labourer Green

This SmartCard is for labourers who are supervised by a competent skilled person.

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Modular Paving Trainee Worker Red

This SmartCard is for a trainee worker who is registered to a relevant NVQ/SVQ/Diploma but has yet to achieve it.

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Modular Paving Skilled Worker Blue

This SmartCard is for a skilled worker who has achieved a relevant NVQ/SVQ/Diploma at Level 2.

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Modular Paving Provisional Red

This SmartCard is for an individual who is over 16 and is either on a probationary period or supervised work experience. This SmartCard is valid for six months and is not renewable.

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