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Membership renewals now open online!

15 Jan 2024 | BALI News

The Association is excited to announce that this year's membership renewal process is now open, and with the launch of our new online renewal portal, renewing your membership will take a matter of minutes.

How to renew online

To renew your membership online, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit and log in to your member area using your credentials
  2. Follow the prompts to complete the renewal process, ensuring all required information is accurately provided
  3. Make the renewal payment using the secure online payment gateway 

online renewals process

And that's it! Once the renewal process is complete, your membership certificate will be emailed to you. In addition to moving the renewals process online, we will no longer be issuing paper certificates – your membership certificate will be available to download from your member area of the BALI website.

Our traditional methods of membership renewal - via post or over the phone are still available to all members, but we encourage members to renew online and take advantage of the time saving this affords.


Early bird discount

Save 2% on your membership fee if you fully renew* before the early bird discount deadline of 19 February 2024.
* To complete your renewal and be eligible for the early bird discount, your contact information must have been checked and confirmed, and we must have received your payment in full by 19 February 2024.


Please ensure your renewal is fully complete by 31 March 2024.


Do you need help?

Association members who would like help processing their renewal or have any queries, please contact the Membership team on, or call +44(0)24 7669 0333. 

Would you like to become a member?

If you are looking to become a member visit our 'join our Association' page and make an enquiry. A member of staff will contact you shortly. 

Association Terms of Membership

As per our terms of membership, if you wish to cancel your membership, we encourage you to discuss this with the membership team before making a final decision. Please note, any resignations must be received in writing before 31 January 2024. After this date, your membership will be automatically renewed.


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