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Makita launches its first robotic mower

09 Jul 2024 | BALI Member News

Accredited Supplier Makita continues to power the outdoors with its new robotic mower. Providing automatic mowing and charging, the RM350D Robotic Mower can cover lawns up to 3,500m2 and slopes of up to 26°. With a cutting width of 240mm, rapid charging capabilities and long uninterrupted usage time, the solution provides ultimate convenience for those looking for fuss-free lawn maintenance.

The RM350D Robotic Mower is designed to mow the lawn and recharge automatically on its dedicated charging station. It cuts the grass into small pieces, leaving them on the lawn to act as a natural fertiliser. Thanks to the automatic cutting height adjustment, both the starting and target height of the lawn can be adjusted. Specifically, the cutting height can be adjusted from 20-60mm in precise 5mm increments.

The RM350D is simple to operate. Users simply need to set the boundary wires and guides and press go, with no need to download and sync up to an app. Four high quality brushless motors drive the blades and power the machine across the working area and once the battery has discharged, it automatically returns to its charging station and resumes mowing when the charging is completed, making it a totally autonomous system.

This design means the machine is not reliant on satellites for navigation control. As such, the RM350D is not incumbered by overhead obstructions such as trees, bushes and other garden features which may otherwise have restricted the cutting area.

Users will also enjoy the schedule settings feature, where the product can be programmed to run on specific days and times of the week – it simply leaves its charging station automatically, mows the lawn and then returns to the charging station independently.

In terms of maintenance, the RM350D is simple to clean and reduces the burden of off-season maintenance. Its IPX5 rating means is can be cleaned with a hose – simply remove the top cover to wash the entire machine with water.

Matt Chilton, Product Manager at Makita UK commented:

"We are delighted to add the RM350D to our growing outdoor collection. Thanks to battery operation, not only it is quieter, but also more environmentally friendly than a petrol powered lawnmower. It’s easy to set up and totally autonomous, meaning professionals can take care of other work on site while the robot takes care of the lawn. And with schedule setting capabilities, it has never been easier to manage and fulfil a lawncare timetable."

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