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BALI launches suite of new e-communications to aid members

12 Apr 2018 | BALI Member News

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) is today launching its first redesigned mailshot for members, part of a suite of new e-communication products that will help inform and inspire members of the association. Based on ongoing feedback provided by members to the marketing team at Landscape House and data from the BALI Membership Satisfaction Survey last year, Darren Taylor, BALI's Marketing and Communications Manager, alongside Sheridan Henderson, BALI's Marketing and Communications Officer, have developed the new tools in response to member input and the latest marketing trends.

With so many mailshots being sent by third party organisations and businesses, inboxes are getting overwhelmed with updates, offers and incentives. Most of the mailshots are sent at the end of the week, primarily a Friday, with many offering the same content, so BALI has reviewed the best days of the week for sending mailshots out to customers, and this will now be a Tuesday and a Thursday moving forwards. 

The BALI Newsletter which used to get sent to members every Friday is no more, replaced with a suite of brand new mailshots which splits out the content of the original, including news, events and technical, for better targeting and allowing for a far greater level of customisation for each individual members' personal preferences. 

Three new mailshots will be sent to members in total; a fortnightly mailshot, BALI Matters, focused on providing members with news and updates on the activities of the team at Landscape House, a fortnightly mailshot purely designed to promote national and regional events titled BALI Network and a technical mailshot, authored by BALI's Technical Officer Owen Baker, titled BALI Hub, which will be sent on the last Tuesday of every month, covering the latest pests and diseases, legislation, product reviews and questions and answers.

BALI Matters, which provides news and updates on BALI, will launch today, Thursday 12th April 2018. The new look provides a clean and contemporary style, offering more exclusive BALI content that dives into more detail about the team at Landscape House and their current activities, including any hot topics and announcements. In a bold move, BALI will now focus on providing its members with more content on the association; what is it doing for its members, what has BALI's senior management team been up to, for example, which means less of an emphasis on individual member stories, unless considered special or of industry-wide significance. Members can still submit their stories to BALI's marketing team for inclusion on the BALI website, and for promotion across social media, as normal.

With GDPR looming, BALI's marketing team is working closely with Owen Baker, BALI's Technical Officer, to establish the best route for communicating with members over the next few weeks, to allow each person working in a member organisation to choose their mailshot preferences, including opting-in or opting-out of any or all of the mailshots mentioned above. More details on this will be shared in due course.

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