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Association Chief Executive meets at Parliament to discuss Rebated Fuels

18 May 2022 | BALI News

On Monday 16 May the Association’s Chief Executive, Wayne Grills, along with Technical Officer, Owen Baker met with Craig Williams MP (Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer) regarding the recent introduction of rule changes to the use of rebated fuels.

Having briefed Craig Williams on the issues that the landscape industry now finds itself in with the removal of the use of red diesel, the Association highlighted the following areas for discussion:

  • Our top priority is for the Government to recognise landscape construction and maintenance as a part of its definition of horticulture. Despite the integral role it plays in cultivating our green spaces, both private and public, landscaping is currently denied the advantages of being a part of its parent sector, horticulture. Changing this would give it appropriate support, such as access to rebated fuels.
  • Alternatively, providing a temporary exemption from the incoming restriction of rebated fuel use. If the Government cannot fit landscaping into the definition of horticulture, we call for landscaping to be exempt from incoming duties on rebated Fuel. And instead, have a phased transition over 5 years, keeping our ability to use rebated fuel and particularly red diesel in the short-term. The industry fits within the parameters of those industries already reliant on red diesel, and its significant contribution to the UK economy should be acknowledged.
  • Manufacturers of equipment must be incentivised to develop new, green technology. Consultation with manufacturers has revealed little development of new technologies, meaning operators will continue to use existing power sources - and pay higher fuel prices - for at least 5 years from now.     

The meeting was successful, and the Parliamentary Private Secretary understood what an important part our industry plays in creating and maintaining green spaces for the benefit of its economic, social, health and environmental contributions - but of course will be bound by government policy.

This was a great potential move forward for the Association and its members to be able to hold discussions at this level in government, and we will be meeting again soon to further explore these options viable and will update accordingly.


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