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VAT reverse charge applies from 1 March

This will affect nearly all landscape contractors and it is important BALI members understand the changes.

25 Feb 2021 | Technical News

Stricter movement of Xylella host species on the horizon

Xylella fastidiosa outbreaks across Europe mean stricter controls are likely in the future.

17 Feb 2021 | Technical News

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Kickbacks and bribery in the landscape industry

Technical Officer Owen Baker talks about the legality of kickbacks and facilitation payments.

10 Feb 2021 | Technical News

BALI investigation reveals shortage of native plants

Technical Officer Owen Baker has revealed shortages of native planting materials leading to price increases.

21 Jan 2021 | Technical News

Update on imports of Prunus laurocerasus

Following an issue temporarily affecting imports of Prunus laurocerasus, we have investigated Defra's advice.

13 Jan 2021 | Technical News

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

A closer look at the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed on 24 December 2020.

06 Jan 2021 | Technical News

Further updates from Defra and SASA

Defra and Science and Advice for Scotland have issued further updates ahead of the transition period.

17 Dec 2020 | Technical News

BALI website updated for post-transition

The BALI website has been updated to reflect post-transition biosecurity and trade arrangements.

09 Dec 2020 | Technical News

VAT reverse charge rules changing in March

From 1st March 2021 the VAT reverse charge will apply to supplies of building and construction work, affecting nearly all landscape contractors.

09 Dec 2020 | Technical News

AFI asking for respondents to new survey

The Association of Fencing Industries have set up a new survey to establish the scale of timber post failure.

02 Dec 2020 | Technical News

Construction company fined for breach of CDM

A construction company has been fined after being found guilty of breaching CDM regulations.

02 Dec 2020 | Technical News

CRD hints at Glyphosate licence extension

The Chemicals Regulation Division have hinted that the Glyphosate licence may be extended to December 2025.

25 Nov 2020 | Technical News
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