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Living Roofs and Walls: From Policy to Practice

A new green roof document published to celebrate 10 years since a green roof planning policy was implemented in London.

12 Jun 2019 | Technical News

What are the driving laws for site visits?

BALI's HR and H&S service question whether employers should be paying employees for time travel for site visits.

05 Jun 2019 | Technical News

Find out how Biochar can improve the environment

BALI's Technical Officer has been looking at the ways in which Biochar can improve your soil growth.

29 May 2019 | Technical News

DEFRA to help rescue pollinators with strategy

DEFRA are working to help save the bees through their 25 Year Environment Plan and National Pollinator Strategy.

22 May 2019 | Technical News

Managing neurodiversity within the workplace

With mental health awareness week over, BALI's HR and H&S service provides guidance on disability within the workplace.

22 May 2019 | Technical News

How can nature benefit your mental health?

Find out how landscaping and gardening can support your mental health.

14 May 2019 | Technical News

Raising awareness of Invasive Species Week

BALI's Technical Officer highlights key native and non-native invasive species within the UK.

14 May 2019 | Technical News

Regulations for unfair dismissal for employees

BALI's HR and Health & Safety service indicates the regulations regarding dismissing an employee.

08 May 2019 | Technical News

How does overtime affect your pay check each month

BALI's HR and H&S service investigates whether employers should pay staff for completing overtime.

02 May 2019 | Technical News

Regulating pesticides (PPP) for no-deal Brexit outcome

With Parliamentarians returning to work, the HSE advises on regulating pesticides in a no-deal Brexit.

01 May 2019 | Technical News
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