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BALI supports Landscape Institute's latest toolkit

A new plant health and biosecurity toolkit to help built environment professionals is now available.

11 Apr 2019 | Technical News

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Find out which redundancy trial period is suitable for you

As an essential part of the redundancy process is trial periods, do you know which is appropriate for you?

24 Apr 2019 | Technical News

Use of netting on vegetation to prevent nesting birds

Recent reports of developers placing nets around bird nesting sites have proved controversial by wildlife groups and ecologists.

17 Apr 2019 | Technical News

Do your payslips reflect the new legislative changes?

New legislation under the Employment Rights Act 1996 has impacted employers on how they provide payslips.

10 Apr 2019 | Technical News

Do you know much annual leave you have left?

Use BALI's HR & HS service Quest to calculate your annual leave.

27 Mar 2019 | Technical News

Effect on horticulture industry during Brexit transition period

BALI's Technical Officer looks at the effect on the landscaping industry during the Brexit transition period.

07 Mar 2019 | Technical News

Order issued to control the movement of spruce material

BALI's Technical Officer looks at a new order has been issued for the lps typographus

07 Mar 2019 | Technical News

BALI comments on nationwide turf shortage

BALI members voice concern over widespread turf availability issue affecting the UK landscape industry.

04 Feb 2019 | Technical News

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