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Greener front gardens reduces stress says RHS

The RHS recently published a paper, in collaboration with several universities, on the benefits of plants.

08 Oct 2020 | Technical News

Plant passports and the post transition period

The Plant Health Regulation (PHR) will apply until the end of the Brexit transition period on 31st December 2020. 

01 Oct 2020 | Technical News

The importance of greenspace highlighted

Greenspace helps maintains the quality of life and health of those living in urban areas according to research.

26 Aug 2020 | Technical News

Trials and tribulations of modern paving - BALI reports

Laying modern landscape materials using traditional construction methods are unsuitable for modern materials.

20 Aug 2020 | Technical News

HSE publishes report on fatal injuries between 2019 and 2020

Nearly all the fatal accidents involved machinery, falling from height, or being struck by an object. 

22 Jul 2020 | Technical News

Defra releases additional plant passport guidance

The Plant Health Portal has been updated with documents that explain the regulation in detail.

08 Jul 2020 | Technical News

RHS announce People's Choice of Plant of the Decade

The Harlequin Blue and the Kilimanjaro Sunrise took home the two awards on Monday.

27 May 2020 | Technical News

Save £££s on Harrod's Value Netting Packs

With over 60 years of experience, their heavy-duty, long-lasting range of netting should not be confused with cheap imitations.

04 May 2020 | Technical News

The importance of green-roofs for the environment

We caught up with Bridgman & Bridgman LLP about green roofs and how they benefit the environment.

03 Mar 2020 | Technical News

International Year of Plant Health 2020 launches

A pioneering project to tackle ash dieback launches the International Year of Plant Health in the UK.

17 Jan 2020 | Technical News
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