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East Sussex, TN31 6QN 0333 207 0440 www.ahs-ltd.co.uk

Constructionline - CertifiedFSC - CertifiedISO - 9001ISO - 14001
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About AHS Ltd

AHS, the one stop shop for all your landscaping and construction needs. AHS has over 25 years’ experience in handling wood-based materials. We have grown to become the market leader in the supply of bark and woodchip products to the landscape and playground industries throughout the UK. Since 1992 we have also established a growing reputation for supplying all types of aggregates and many other landscaping and construction products. We pride ourselves on having a professional sales team with an in-depth knowledge of all our industry-specific products. We offer best quality products, very competitive prices and raw materials obtained from renewable or sustainable sources. AHS ensure a 24-hour turnaround for any quotation with competitive pricing and best delivery times. For a quotation, please call, 0333 207 0440.

Areas covered

South Thames, North Thames, South West, East Anglia, Midlands, Wales, North West, Yorkshire North East, Scotland, National (Eng/Wales/Scot/NI), Northern Ireland, UK Islands

Types of work undertaken

  • Hard Landscaping Materials (unlimited)
  • Tree Anchors (unlimited)
  • Seeds (unlimited)
  • Water Feature and Irrigation Equipment (unlimited)
  • Manufactured Stone (unlimited)
  • Surfacing Materials (unlimited)
  • Domestic (unlimited)
  • Ground Reinforcement Systems (unlimited)
  • Top Soil And Aggregates (unlimited)
  • Natural Stone (unlimited)
  • Commercial (unlimited)
  • Turf Grass and Artificial (unlimited)
  • Fencing Materials (unlimited)
  • Soft Landscaping Materials (unlimited)
  • Compost, Mulches and Soil Conditioners (unlimited)