About Agriframes

At the forefront of premium garden design, Agriframes are renowned for crafting the best quality garden structures - built to last for years to come. Renowned for our durability and excellence, you can trust that quality will never be compromised. Throughout the range of pergolas, arches, crop cages and supports, quality is assured - our designs are strong and durable, made of a hi-tensile steel tubing, galvanized inside and out to resist corrosion. Many of our products are black polymer coated, giving them even more longevity against the weather - these come with a 15 year guarantee. Where a bespoke product is required, our technical team will work with you to produce a final product vision with full specifications and costings whether it be a made to measure pond cover or a 100 ft pergola.

Areas covered

International, National (Eng/Wales/Scot/NI), South Thames, North Thames, South West, East Anglia, Midlands, Wales, North West, Yorkshire North East, Scotland

Types of work undertaken

  • Street, Garden Furniture And Sculpture (unlimited)
  • Domestic (unlimited)
  • Design Facility (unlimited)
  • Commercial (unlimited)