Exporting plants and plant products

New controls will be placed on the movement of goods between the EU and UK, and UK businesses involved in the export of plants, plant material and machinery to the EU may need to adapt their working practices.  The changes below will apply from 1st January 2021: 

All regulated products listed below, exported from England, Scotland or Wales to the EU, will be subject to EU import controls:

  • all plants for planting
  • root and tubercle vegetables
  • most fruits
  • cut flowers
  • some seeds
  • leafy vegetables
  • agricultural or forestry machinery and vehicles 

The process for sending the products listed above to the EU will be the same as the current process for sending them to third countries. 

The following measures are required:

  • check with the destination country to identify whether a phytosanitary certificate is required (click here to check)
  • Apply for a phytosanitary certificate from plant health authority in England or Scotland prior to export.  In England an internet-based system called eDomero enables users to apply for services electronically.  

Regulated plant and plant products exports to the EU from the UK may be subject to documentary, identity and physical checks at the EU border.

Exporting prohibited and high risk plants

From 1 January 2021, the UK will not be permitted to export the following commodities to the EU: