Pocket rewilding: why and how


16 Jun 2021
Webinar, via GoToWebinar
Opening times:
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Rewilding is an increasingly popular topic. We take a look at the guiding principles of rewilding and how to get the biggest gain to biodiversity even at challenging sites.

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Rewilding is a popular and important subject. With various projects popping up across the country, what does this mean for smaller sites and how can they still get involved? This free for Association members webinar aims to answer your questions.

Presenter Neil Melleney, Nature Restoration Specialist at Ecosulis, will be looking at the guiding principles of rewilding and discussing how they might be applied to more confined sites but still offer gains for biodiversity.

Join us and Ecosulis for this fascinating look at how you can leverage rewilding for your projects.

Other topics Neil will cover include:

  • Rewilding a small area
  • Priority habitats and species
  • The importance of connectivity between different areas of habitat

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