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The Attraxor Advantage at Aberdovey Golf Club

03 May 2024 | BALI Member News

Located in the stunning Snowdonia National Park, Aberdovey Golf Club in Aberdyfi, Wales, stands as a testament to the beauty and challenges of links golf. Overseeing this picturesque yet demanding course is Course Manager Nigel Green, whose dedication to excellence has been furthered by innovative solutions from Accredited Supplier Agrovista Amenity, particularly BASF’s Attraxor plant growth regulator.

Aberdovey Golf Club spans over 6,500 yards and has earned a reputation for testing even the most skilled golfers. However, it isn’t just the golfers who have their work cut out according to Nigel.

"It is challenging conditions for both golfers and greenkeepers alike.”

Nigel has been working at the club for an impressive 38 years and he highlights how standards at the club have improved.

"The course has benefited over the years because the industry has progressed in terms of technology, machinery and products."

One of the products central to Nigel's success is Attraxor, a plant growth regulator developed by BASF. Containing prohexadione calcium, this innovative solution offers precise control over turf growth while promoting root development and enhancing turf quality. What sets Attraxor apart is its fast-acting formulation, providing almost instant results and flexibility in application timing, even in cooler conditions.

Nigel's journey with Attraxor began with a conversation with Chris Knowles from Agrovista Amenity. Intrigued by its potential to reduce seed heads in addition to plant growth plant growth regulation, Nigel decided to give Attraxor a try. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Nigel observed a significant reduction in seed heads, particularly on the greens, prompting him to expand its usage across the course.

Starting cautiously, Nigel trialled Attraxor on the main putting green before gradually increasing the application rate to 600 grams per hectare. He applies Attraxor every three weeks from January to August, sometimes extending into September due to its effectiveness. Moreover, recent independent trials commissioned by Agrovista also confirm benefits of winter application.

Nigel's meticulous approach also involves tank-mixing Attraxor with Aquatrols’ Premium N, ensuring optimal performance and consistent results.

In addition to Attraxor, Nigel highlights the efficacy of BASF’s Maxtima fungicide. Trialling Maxtima early on as a trial before it was launched, Nigel found it to be incredibly effective against Dollar Spot, minimising the need for additional treatments and showcasing outstanding results.

Nigel underlines the invaluable support and expertise provided by Agrovista Amenity and Chris Knowles.

"The technical advice and support I receive from Agrovista Amenity and Chris Knowles is very good. If you have any questions or are not too sure about something, you can always get an answer from them. It is a very good relationship."

As greenkeeping continues to evolve, Nigel emphasises the importance of working with knowledgeable partners like Agrovista Amenity. With impending challenges and restrictions on chemical usage, Nigel believes that innovative solutions and strategic partnerships will be essential for maintaining the standards of courses like Aberdovey.

Through strategic partnerships with companies like Agrovista Amenity and the adoption of cutting-edge products like Attraxor and Maxtima, Nigel has elevated the standards of course maintenance while navigating the evolving landscape of greenkeeping.

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