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Ornamental hort industry could be worth £42bn by 2030

Ornamental horticulture and landscaping could be worth £42bn by 2030 according to a landmark report.

07 Sep 2021 | Technical News

CDM section of Association website live

In response to many questions from members on the CDM Regulations 2015, we have launched a new page.

01 Sep 2021 | Technical News

Construction company fined after HAVS diagnoses

A construction company has been sentenced for safety breaches are multiple employees were diagnosed.

26 Aug 2021 | Technical News

Health and Safety Executive issues ventilation advice

Ahead of the return to the office this autumn, HSE has issued updated guidance for keeping COVID secure.

12 Aug 2021 | Technical News

Limited number of traders invited to IPAFFS

The rollout of IPAFFS has now started, with a small number of traders invited to register.

11 Aug 2021 | Technical News

Importance of managing fatigue amongst staff

Employers must consider fatigue and put measures in place to mitigate it to avoid serious incidents.

05 Aug 2021 | Technical News

Fuel for thought: E10 to be introduced during summer

The transport industry will transition to E10 petrol from summer 2021 to meet global targets.

15 Jul 2021 | Technical News

Eight-toothed spruce bark beetle discovered in Kent

New breeding populations of the pest have been found by routine Forestry Commission plant health surveillance.

07 Jul 2021 | Technical News

Transition from PEACH to IPAFFS postponed

The transition from the current system used to pre-notify Defra of plant imports will now complete in August 2021.

30 Jun 2021 | Technical News

Use of red diesel for landscaping to end April 2022

The government has confirmed use of red diesel for landscaping and construction will end from April 2022.

24 Jun 2021 | Technical News
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