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10 ways to make the most out of your BALI profile

15 Jan 2020 | BALI News

Registered members of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) receive a free company profile listing on the BALI website as part of membership. To help make the profile stand out, BALI has provided its list of the top 10 ways to get the most out of your profile.

BALI Registered Contractor Kings Landscapes (Milton Keynes) has kindly allowed us to use their impressive directory listing as an example of how you can update your profile using the tools available.

A spokesperson for Kings Landscapes (Milton Keynes) commented:

I’ve had great support from the marketing and communications team at BALI with regards to refreshing and updating our member profile. It’s easy to use and quick to make changes, which helps keep our information relevant as our business grows.

1.     Logo

 Kings Landscapes logo

The core component of any profile. Some members have still not added a company logo to their profile, and this is paramount in helping prospective customers find your company, and identify the services you offer. Ensure to upload a crisp, high-resolution version of your logo for maximum impact. Logos must be uploaded within the following dimensions - max-width 1080px, max-height 1080px.

2.     Banner image

Kings Landscapes - banner

We are an image-led industry, and we encourage all Registered members to upload a strong lead photo that is not a replication of your logo, or a graphic containing text, to really make your profile sing. Ensure you upload a high-quality image which promotes your products or projects in a presentable and professional manner. Please upload a banner to the following parameters - max-width 1280px, max-height 800px.

3.     Summary of the company

Kings Landscapes - company descriptions

Make sure your company description is completed with as much detail as possible. You want to be clear about the type of work you carry out, whether you work in the commercial/domestic sectors, as well as the regions of the UK where you operate. Using popular search terms like landscaper, gardener, landscape designer, garden designer and landscape architect, along with keywords in the towns and cities you operate in will help your page rank higher in search engines like Google.

4.     Disciplines

Kings Landscapes - Discplines

Make sure your disciplines are up-to-date and are representative of the work your business carries out. This will help your company become more searchable, with customers using our filters to find an appropriate company within the BALI online directory. 

5.     Accreditations

Kings Landscapes - Accrediations

Are you accredited with other professional bodies? Have you won a BALI National Landscape Award? Make sure you include these accreditation marks and logos on your directory listing. This will help customers view your company as reputable and trustworthy.

6.     Projects

Kings Landscapes - Projects

Are you pleased with the outcome of a recent project which you've worked on? Upload your latest projects on your directory listing to show the broad range of skills your company encompasses. Ensure your project description uses popular search terms, as this will also help your listing appear higher within search rankings. 

7.     Testimonials

Kings Landscapes - testimonials

Once you have added a project, perhaps consider adding a testimonial too. Perhaps your client left you an excellent review, so now you can shout about it on BALI's website. It's important to note you must add a project before you can add a testimonial.

8.     Contact details

Kings Landscape contact details

Check to make sure the contact details we have on our database are correct. These are used on your profile to help customers contact you.

9.     Team members

Kings landscape - meet the team

Psychologists have long maintained that people relate to people, which is why we have ensured that your colleagues will be visible to your clients through the team member page. You can personalise your team member page with headshots of your workforce. If you do use this feature, ensure you keep it up-to-date, remove any employees that may have left the company and add new ones if you're on a recruitment drive.

10.  Keyword searches

The best way to ensure your profile lists high on a search engine is to use popular keywords that prospective customers might be typing in to find a suitable service or product. When updating your directory listing, whether it is a project, your company description or testimonials, it is best practice to use keywords such as non-trade terminology and keep it short and snappy. Try phrases like 'local garden designer', 'professional landscaper', 'tree surgeon', 'turf provider', 'landscape architect' etc.

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