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BALI launches its State of Trade Survey 2020

04 Nov 2020 | BALI News

Our State of Trade Survey 2020 has now launched. This year we have simplified the questions and redesigned the survey to make it even easier for our members to provide their feedback and should take around 20 minutes to complete.

This year’s survey has been split into three, with each survey targeting a specific BALI membership category:



Training Provider

This year we wish to increase the number of responses from our members so we can develop an informed view of the current state of the industry from within the BALI membership network.

With impacts from COVID-19, Brexit, new plant health regulations, the squeezing of supply chains and difficulties surrounding recruitment and training, it is imperative that our industry works together to understand how we have been affected. The data we collect will help provide the necessary insight into the state of our industry, arming BALI with the facts we urgently need to ensure we can provide relevant support to our members and their businesses.

The survey has now been sent out via email and is also available via the members’ area on the BALI website, as well as sent out via the members-only Facebook group and our appropriate LinkedIn groups.

All personal information collected by the survey will remain confidential, with only the data used in the subsequent reports. BALI members who take part in the survey will receive a free copy of the report, due before Christmas.

For further information, members are advised to contact Technical Officer (Policy & Research) Owen Baker or Marketing and Communications Manager Darren Taylor.

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