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A new product has been introduced to the ever-growing product portfolio of BALI Registered Affiliate Neograss; Kiln Dried Silica Sand Infill.

This isn't just any old Kiln Dried Sand!

In the same way you should always choose a good-quality artificial turf, you should always choose a good-quality infill material too. Fortunately, Neograss has put the same amount of research into their Silica Sand Infill as they have their turf!

There are many different forms of Silica Sand Infill available and ensuring you choose the correct type will affect the performance of your lawn. Neograss's Silica Sand Infill has a very fine, sub-rounded grain that will not break down, compact or damage your artificial turf. It's also thoroughly washed to help prevent weed growth and remove any impurities.

Using angular sand can cause damage to your lawn as the sharp edges can cut into the synthetic fibres as you walk across your artificial grass. Angular sand also compacts with foot traffic, impairing drainage. The multiple edges of angular sand grind together and slowly break down over time, meaning that your lawn will require regular topping up.

Neograss's specially designed artificial grass infill is perfect for improving the performance and increasing the lifespan of your artificial lawn. For more details and a price list please visit their website here.


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