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Makita introduce cordless outdoor power equipment

13 May 2020 | BALI Member News

Here, Mark Earles, Business Development Manager for garden machinery at BALI Registered Affiliate Makita, explains more about the benefits of cordless machines – and introduces Makita’s new cordless outdoor power equipment.

Advances in battery technology mean that today’s cordless machines can be just as powerful as petrol alternatives - and offer an array of additional benefits. It is no wonder then that the industry is seeing a shift away from petrol and towards cordless garden machinery products.

The benefits of cordless

The leading cordless models of today provide the power and torque professionals need to tackle the many outdoor tasks and applications they face on a day to day basis. And, with petrol replaced by battery power, environmental and operator safety is improved as the need to transport and handle petrol is eliminated, and no fumes are omitted during operation. Furthermore, cordless machines produce lower noise and vibration levels meaning less disturbance for clients and operators can work more comfortably, for longer.

For those looking for reassurance on run times, opt for cordless equipment that is powered by Lithium-ion batteries. These hold high levels of energy and will therefore work for longer periods of time, without the need to re-charge. As a result, on-site productivity is improved, as tool downtime is significantly reduced.

Lithium-ion batteries don’t need to be completely drained before recharging, allowing for anytime charging and longer life. A reduction in self-discharge also makes it easier to keep track of how much charge each battery has between use.

Makita has developed its Lithium-ion battery technology to create a system that optimises the charging process, to reduce charge times and protect the batteries from damage. As part of this, Makita’s Lithium-ion (LXT) batteries are able to communicate with the charger. Using CPU, the charger can identify any issues with the battery, to control current, voltage and temperature. The battery therefore lasts longer because it can be charged via the best method and time.

As a result, Makita’s 18V Lithium-ion batteries can be charged in as little as 22 minutes (for 3.Ah batteries), and up to 55 minutes (for 6.0Ah batteries). Fast charging maximises your own productivity and helps you to complete the job quicker by reducing downtime.

The latest products

Makita recently expanded its cordless outdoor power equipment range. The new, higher specification products powered by its LXT battery platform ensure that there is a tool for any job, that matches the daily demands of working outdoors, including:

Brushless Lawn Mowers

The lawn mower range includes one new aluminium deck (DLM533) and three new steel deck models (DLM462, DLM530, DLM532). Powered by two 18V Lithium-ion batteries in series to supply energy to the powerful 36V DC motor drive system, these machines can be fitted with four batteries – for extended cutting time. The manual battery selection means you can simply flick the switch to change over to the second pair of batteries when the initial set has discharged.

All Twin 18V, the new models include an electric brake and a large grass box with a useful level indicator, as well as a built-in mulching option and weather-proof cover. The new models mean you can choose a machine to suit the scale of your lawn groundwork, from smaller domestic lawns right up to areas of 2,300m2.

Brushless Hedge Trimmers

Ideal for tackling mature growth, thick branches and hedges, two new single sided hedge trimmers offer improved and safer handling, thanks to the single blade, lightweight design and two-handed start up. The 18V DUH604S and DUH754S both feature three speed settings, a reverse switch to clear the blades if branches get jammed and automatic shut off if the machine is not operated for 60 seconds after being turned on. The blade profile has been designed for smother cutting, whilst low vibration and high power allows operators to work efficiently, even on large hedges, with less fatigue.

Brushless Linetrimmers and Brush Cutters

Providing access to varied shrubland and undergrowth, the new Twin 18V Linetrimmer (DUR369L) and Brush Cutter (DUR369A) models provide an excellent alternative to manoeuvring heavy and cumbersome machinery.

Both operate using a 1kW motor - equivalent to a 33cc 2-stroke engine machine - and include automatic torque drive technology (ADT), which adjusts the RPM according to the density of the weeds. Active feedback sensing technology (AFT) shuts down the tool to protect the user if the rotation speed suddenly slows down.

Alternatively, the new UR101CZ and UR201CZ can be used with Makita’s PDC01 backpack battery options rather than connecting individual batteries to the machines, enabling longer run-times for larger areas. Connect up to four 18V batteries in the back-pack for longer runtimes and because the batteries are interchangeable within the back-pack, you can carry on working while your original batteries are recharging.

With Makita’s cordless outdoor power equipment, you can experience outstanding performance and power, as well as extended run times and an optimised charging process for maximum on-site productivity.

To find out more about the new and existing range of Makita products visit:

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