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In 2008 the document Living Roofs and Walls Technical Document: Supporting London Plan Policy was launched. It was launched to educate developers and landscape professionals alike on the potential benefits of using a living roof.  Whilst placing a living roof or wall on a building was not new in 2008, the report noted that insufficient policy support at the time had been a barrier to their wider adoption.

The 2008 report explained in detail the principles behind a green roof and wall, the benefits and routes to implementing a scheme, how much it costed and what was involved in planning a scheme. Together with the Living Roofs and Walls Policy, which was incorporated into the London Plan of 2008, the document has led to a significant increase in urban greening in London. 

Ten years later, another document, Living Roofs and Walls from policy to practice: 10 years or urban greening in London and beyond, has been released as a summary of the progress that has been made in mainstreaming green roofs and walls as a response to the challenges facing cities now and in the future. 

The range of products and technology available has changed significantly since 2008, and the new document discusses the range of options now available to specifiers – together with the terminology used!  Rather like the 2008 document, case studies celebrate examples of great design and implementation, as well as the benefits of a thoughtfully constructed and maintained installation. 

The full report can be viewed at:

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