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GoLandscape needs your support on social media

13 Jan 2021 | GoLandscape

It’s a challenging time to make the most of a careers initiative, with schools not running physical events and now being in another lockdown. If there is a positive in all that’s going on now, it’s that an outdoor career working in green spaces has never been held in such high regard! The GoLandscape website has seen a marked increase in visitors, especially to the career changer sections as people really start to see landscaping as a career possibility.

I would love to say I’m asking for more ambassadors to meet the demands from schools and colleges for their career’s events, but at the moment, these are all virtual and often not even live events.

Where I really need is your support is on social media. Have you got a story about a new recruit or apprentice we could share to promote career opportunities? Then please share it with me and we can run a story and promote it on social media.

If you are posting stories and pictures relevant to GoLandscape, such as promoting careers, job vacancies, education and training, then please tag us with our handles and hashtags.

Facebook @BALIGoLandscape

Twitter @BALIGoLandscape

Instagram @bali_golandscape


If you can help, have any ideas or stories, please get in touch with me

All of this will support the promotion of the initiative and raise awareness of the great opportunities the industry presents as a career.

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