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Phytophthora is a fungus-like pathogen capable of causing serious damage to a wide range of native and imported plants. 

The biology of Phytophthora and wide range of host species enables it to spread quickly via infected plants held on nurseries, garden centres and used within landscaping projects. Whilst movement of contaminated plants for the plant trade is the principal cause of long-distance spread, the spores of Phytophthora can also be dispersed by rain, irrigation, contaminated soil, media or plant debris, and even watercourses and contaminated tools.

Phytophthora research and awareness in the industry has allowed the pathogen to be managed in the UK and Europe, but the threat remains. 

Forestry Research is Great Britain’s principal organisation for forestry and tree-related research and is renowned for the provision of evidence and scientific research in support of UK horticulture. 

Following a three year study, Forestry Research would like to present the findings of an extensive Phytophthora risk and management programme to stakeholders. The team responsible for the research will discuss how they are able to link the arrival, spread and impact of Phytophthora to their biological traits, trade networks and availability of suitable climate and forest habitats.

The event is free to attend and aimed specifically at the nursery trade and interested parties.

A copy of the invite is available to download here.

Please contact to reserve your place.

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