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Too many BALI emails clogging up your inbox, or perhaps you would prefer to go digital-only with BALI's Landscape News? Maybe you're not receiving any communications at all?

As a BALI member, this is your opportunity to update your personal marketing preferences to ensure you are receiving up-to-date and relevant information from BALI Landscape House. You can also add or remove any colleagues from our database, by referring to our simple instructions below.

Update your own preferences

The simplest way of updating your preferences is to click on the link in this week's BALI Newsletter, either in the introduction or in the footer of the email. If you don't receive the BALI Newsletter, and you are an active member of BALI, then contact our Marketing and Communications Officer, Trushali Chudasama, who will be happy to help.

By setting your preferences you will be able to decide whether you want to continue receiving electronic communications from BALI, including our national weekly newsletter or information on events throughout the BALI regions. You can also decide whether you would like to receive information on GoLandscape and BALI Forums, or decide whether you would like to receive a copy of BALIs's quarterly Landscape News in print or digitally. The same for BALI's annually produced Who’s Who Landscape Directory.

Adding/updating/removing your colleagues

You might be receiving BALI's marketing collateral but your colleagues may not. You may have someone in the company that no longer works for you, or, they want to opt-out of communications entirely. In order to make any changes, or to add a colleague, please contact BALI’s Marketing and Communications Officer Trushali Chudasama on +44 (0)24 7669 8653 or email Trushali will walk you through the choices available and create your colleagues' profile in our system, or, make any necessary changes to update details or remove them.

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