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With the new Nomix Genesis, a tractor-mounted system for herbicide application, BALI Registered Affiliate RTM Landscapes can now treat 90% of areas and can cover five times as much ground in a day.

The Nomix Genesis system uses Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC), a system that is more accurate, effective and safe for both the environment and the operator, yet speeds up the process of application, allowing hard surfaces to be treated more quickly.

RTM Landscapes

Director Wayne Samuels said:

We’ve been after this system for some time as we could see what a difference it would make for our clients, especially those with widespread areas to manage like parish and town councils. It’s been a great addition to our operations and we’ve been very pleased with the results so far.

For more information on the Nomix Genesis visit RTM Landscapes' website here.

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