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PSD Groundscare distributors offer turf renovation solutions

16 Sep 2019 | BALI Member News

As we say goodbye to the last of the summer, thoughts turn to completing turf regeneration before the Autumn sets in. September is a perfect time to do this, when the weather is damp and cool and turf can quickly establish a strong root system, allowing lawn and turf the best chance of recovery.

BALI Registered Affiliate member PSD Groundscare, the national distributor of niche specialist landscaping equipment, has an extensive range of products from market-leading names, including a comprehensive range of specialist lawn and turf care machinery from leading Belgian manufacturer Eliet,  all designed to make turf regeneration more efficient. Two key products are available which are specifically designed to efficiently deal with even the toughest conditions.

The New C550ZR Collector scarifier is an innovative new machine, set to dramatically reduce the time landscapers and groundsmen spend undertaking scarifying operations and disposing of thatch and moss.

It brings a new standard in turf maintenance, collecting moss and thatch into narrow rows for easier disposal, resulting in huge time savings for the operator by reducing the cleaning time by up to 50%.

The C55OZR Collector provides efficient scarification, moss and thatch removal with improved collection. As material is removed from the turf, it is deposited into a discharge channel with an Archimedean screw that carries it to the side of the machine. It is deposited into a narrow row, which on the next pass of the operation can be re-collected by the machine and integrated into a new row, along with the raked-up material from the second strip of turf. In this way the C550ZR can collect the moss and thatch of a 1m working width into one row, which is hugely time saving.

This new machine is self-propelled and features an above-average 55cm working width which limits the number of rows to collect, and opreates at 2.5km/hr. The scarifying blades are spaced every 15mm to provide an intensive treatment to the turf and are designed to rotate forwards; thus maximising dethatching performance. This contra-rotation results in improved removal and collection of material which is pulled out and thrown vertically onto the collecting auger, increasing the efficency of dethatching by up to 30%. In addition, the extremely fine blades have Permanently Sharp BladesTM technology to ensure minimum turf damage and extended blade life. The machine also features controls with an anti vibration damper for improved operator comfort and safety.

Once the ground is scarified, then seed needs to be sewn and the Eliet DZC600 Pedestrian Overseeder is the perfect rejuvenation partner and offers impressive results – in a short amount of time. It’s innovative overseeding technology allows new grass seed to be inserted between existing vegetation, scarifying and overseeding in one process allowing faster germination and maximised growth opportunities. In addition, the process is enhanced by the new Tungsten tipped blades, which have been developed to give a clear slot which allows for better seed penetration of the soil, as well as extended life.

The machine offers visible benefits in less than a month and the treated area is available for normal use immediately after the overseeing has taken place. This is the only machine on the market than can achieve this unique renovation technique following a unique six step process.

  1. Cutting open the soil
  2. Removal of excess soil
  3. Precision sowing
  4. Injection
  5. Rollers
  6. Covering the seed

The machine is suitable for all types of grass seed and can be used on both general grass areas, fine turf and sports turf including golf greens.

The Eliet DZC600 has been extensively trialled and tested and is approved by STRI. As the world’s leading sports turf consultancy, STRI provides a state of the art testing and research centre offering innovative testing techniques to improve the quality of turf and sports turf. Carried out at the STRI research facility in Bingley, West Yorkshire, the main objective of the trial was to investigate the optimal configuration of the Eliet DZC600 overseeder for use on a golf green and on tees & surrounds. These environments were specifically chosen as they represent some of the finest sports turf surfaces that require renovation.

STRI said of the machine:

The DZC600 is effective for sowing in a fine turf environment and offers grounds workers a very useful tool, particularly on small, localised problem areas.

The Eliet DZC600 Overseeder dramatically increases productivity, via the multi-step system which saves the operator time and money with precision seeding at a pre-determined rate, with the benefit of additional operator comfort and is the ideal turf renovation partner.

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